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We specialize in the handling of a wide range of vehicle radiators

Dismantle and installation of radiators to vehicle

We are skilled in dismantling and installing radiators for various vehicles

Repair of Big lorry radiators

Our team of specialists are able to identify any issues and repair the radiators of big lorries

Repair of Bus Radiators or Excavator Radiators

We are trained to repair the radiators of heavy duty vehicles such as buses and excavators

Repair of Inter-Coolers

Other than radiators, we offer repair services for inter-coolers as well

Repair of Genset Radiators

We specialize in fixing any issues found in Genset radiators

Replacement of Genset Radiators

Should you require a new Genset radiator, we offer replacement services as well.

Modifying of Oil Cooler

If you need to change your oil cooler we do that as well.

Wholesale of Radiators

We provide good quality radiators at affordable rates.

Keep in touch with us

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.