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Our recent project involved modifying and making a new full aluminium radiator – Honda Edix. Other than the folding and crafting of the aluminium top and bottom tank, we also had to weld the aluminium together. Welding aluminion together requires expertise as leaking will occur if it is not done well.

Occasionally, we receive requests to repair excavator radiators or to modify them. Attached (here) is one of our recent projects.

There are times when we receive request to repair excavator radiators or to modify them. Attached one of the project we had recently completed.

Modifying, making and replacing of an Excavator Radiator Top and Bottom Tank Cover.

On-site Genset Radiators (2 Different company)

Other than the sale and repair of vehicle radiators, we repair and replace industrial radiators as well. Our two most recent projects involve replacing a Genset Radiator Core. The process is currently on-going.

On a case by case basis, we also provide assembling and disassembling of Genset Radiators on site.

Images of our radiators assembly

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